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Here's why you should use a Travel Agent!

A particular article stood out that we wanted to share with our travelers and potential clients. Seth Kugel, a writer for the NY Times Frugal Traveler section, recently published a test of agents versus online search engines. In his test agents won “nearly every time, on both price (the objective part of the test) and service (what you might call the essay question). In other words, the agents suggested alternate routes, gave advice on visas and just generally acted, well, more human than their computer counterparts

One questions we are often asked is, why should I use a Travel Agent? Many people are not familiar with how a Travel Agent works. An experienced Travel Agent can help anyone plan a trip, from large to small, we can help with it all. Here are some benefits to using a Travel Agent:


1: Personalized Advice & Support- We want to make every trip a trip of a lifetime for our clients. To find out what's important and ensure that we match our clients up with the right destination and/or resort we ask a lot of questions. Based on that information, we will make personalized recommendations.


Supporting our clients beyond their initial booking is an important part of our business. We offer support before, during and after vacation. Before a client leaves, we offer travel advice and suggestions based on their specific destination. If clients encounter an unforeseen event during their trip, we are available for assistance. Upon their return, we follow up with a welcome home message!


2. Expert Knowledge -  Travel Agents travel A LOT. We make it our job to travel and visit as many different places as our budgets and schedules allow. We also participate in training seminars throughout the year.

3. Time Savings - It can take hours, days, even weeks to sort through all of the information on the internet. As an experienced Travel Agent, we can ask the right questions and make personalized recommendations in a fraction of the time a client would spend looking on the internet.


4. Cost Savings - Another common question is, "does it cost me extra to use a Travel Agent?" Simply put, "no." It does


not cost more to use a Travel Agent. In fact, we often save our clients money. 

Some Travel Agents charge additional fees for specialty services (airline only reservations, assistance with dining reservations, commitment deposits, etc.) Travel Agents are up front about these fees and some clients are happy to pay the additional service fees for the added services.

Travel Agents know the best time to make reservations and which sales and promotions a client might be interested in. We may also suggest altering travel dates to take advantage of lower fares. We always check pricing with several reputable tour operators for the best pricing.


Travel Agents constantly go the extra mile for their clients. Whether you're planning a weekend away, a Honeymoon or a family vacation, an experienced Travel Agent can make the difference that gives your trip an extra special feel.